Cryptocurrency Airdrop: 2021



🔥Bantupay Wallet Airdrop XBN/BNR + You can take another Rewards: BantuTalk, and Plus ~$40

✪1 XBN ($0.09) / 1 BNR ($0.02250)

💰Reward for Completing the tasks: 1424 XBN ($128/+~$40) + 100 BNR ($2.25)

👫 Rewards For invited Referral: N/A


Download App
Create Wallet & Save Private Key
Complete Profile
Click on profile section
Click on EARNING option
Enter Refferar Code: speero, and click on verify button.

If you not enter my referer code,you will not get 100 bnr tokens, already installed app users also can enter my referer code

⌚Airdrop Distribution: Instant

🔻Start Here: 🏁




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